In modern world electric devices (phones, tablets etc.) are rapidly developing and becoming the inseparable part of our lives. Today elderly people also tend to learn using those devices, but of course it may cause some difficulties –from running the applications up to physical features of hardware.

“HAYA” team presents a complex solution: a tablet holder and a software, which are simplified and adapted for elderly users.Capture

The prototype of holder had been ready by December of 2015. The uniqueness of the proposed tablet holder design is its structure, adapted for comfortable watching. The holder is also equipped with smoke, gas and motion sensors, as well as speakers. Meanwhile, colors and icon sizes of the software are adapted for the targeted groups. Furthermore, it contains a number of first hand applications, such as weather forecast, news feed, radio, day and time, calendar, audio books and a number of others.


1Currently, the team is working on the upgraded version of both the holder and the software. It is anticipated to have a power bank, USB ports, LED illumination, gas sensor and Bluetooth on the holder, while the software upgrading is still in the development stage.

Apart from developing the prototype of the product, the team also had a task to find reliable partner for the production of the product. The choice of was to be made between local and international companies. In general, Chinese companies fit the position of international partner, however, as direct presence in the Chinese market is needed the team could not be confident about that option.

Thus, now HAYA co-operates with Technology and Science Dynamics LLC, which is known for its Armtab tablets and Armphone phones. The company has professional staff and modern productive capacity. The team was totally pleased with multi-functionality and power of the production line, which will allow to produce significant amounts in limited time.

The team acquired the agreement for the future partnership and for the promotion of the product in the US market.